Washing Advice

How to wash cloth nappies:

  1. If the nappy is only wet simply separate inserts from the shell and dry pail until pre washing - we recommend hanging over the edge of your dry pail for maximum drying. If soiled remove as much solid waste into the toilet (shake, wipe with toilet paper, use a bidet), rinse thoroughly and use a stain pre treatment if required, remove excess water and then dry pail.

  2. Pre wash every 1-2 day on a 40-60 degree wash, lasting about 1 hour. If using night nappies you will need to prewash each day.

  3. Main wash every 2-4 days in a long (2+ hour cycle) at 40-60 degrees.

  4. Dry shells on a clothesline in the shade or in a dryer on low heat, inserts may be dried in a dryer. Any inserts with elastic we recommend line drying in the shade.

 * please not that putting nappy shells in the dryer, drying in direct sunlight and excessive spinning speeds in washing machines may damage shells and void warranties.

How to wash cloth menstrual pads:

  1. Dry pail throughout the day as changed.

  2. Pre wash each day - either by doing a machine pre wash, hand washing in hot water, ensuring any detergent is thoroughly rinsed, or throw in the bottom of the shower and stomp them until the water runs clear.

  3. Main wash as required, we recommend a 60 degree main wash for best results.

What laundry detergent do I use:

We recommend using any mainstream washing detergent you like, however its important to note that most eco-powders do not have the required strength to really clean heavily soiled cloth nappies. Dosage will be dependent on your machine size and water hardness, and you may find that a laundry booster such as Vanish is required.

Despite popular belief sunlight with not remove the soiling causing stains, however will bleach the surface of stains, nor is it antibacterial. If you are having problems with your washing routine please contact us or head to the Clean Cloth Nappies and Cloth Nappy Help facebook groups.