Baby Beehinds Breast Pads

Baby Beehinds Breast Pads

Breast Pads are an essential item for any new mum!  Spoil yourself without breaking the bank with these breast pads.

Each cloth breast pad is made up using the highest of quality fabrics including 2 layers of our bamboo blend (60% bamboo, 30% organic cotton, 10% polyester) and an outer layer of microfleece (100% polyester) that goes against the nipples  The waterproof PUL layer keeps clothes dry too! 

Each pad is approximately 11cm in diameter, and is perfectly suitable for day use and light night use.


These pads come to you in either 1x pair for $8.95 or a value pack of 3x pairs for just $22.95.

To Wash: Simply add to your general clothes washing or baby clothes wash. Use a eco friendly detergent (no fabric softeners). Dry in the sunshine or n dryer on LOW heat.