Pop-In Bamboo Cloth Nappy Soaker andBooster set

Pop-In Bamboo Cloth Nappy Soaker andBooster set



This nappy soaker and booster is designed for the best selling Close Pop-In range of reusable nappies. 


You can choose the soaker alone, or add the booster for maximum absorbency (good for long car trips or overnight sleeps). 

Both the soaker and the booster are made from bamboo, a natural product that is super absorbent, making it a great choice for reusable nappies. 


The snap lock fasteners make it easy to secure the soaker to the outer nappy, so quick changes are a breeze. 



  • clever design means you can choose the level of absorbency—soaker or soaker + booster 
  • made from ultra soft and absorbent bamboo 
  • snap lock fasteners make it quick and easy to change baby
  • bamboo is a natural fabric, so it’s great for babies with sensitive, allergy prone or delicate skin
  • bamboo is environmentally friendly, because it is easy to grow, uses less water than other crops and is 100% biodegradable


Bamboo is an all-natural product with excellent absorbency. Because it is so hardy and fast growing, it is an incredibly sustainable crop, requiring little water and upkeep to produce a fabric that is three times more absorbent than cotton. If your baby has sensitive skin or allergies, bamboo is a wonderful, natural choice.